Replica Balenciaga Giant 12 City Bag Rose

Replica Balenciaga Motorcycle bag rise in the fifties and sixties of the United States, punk sweeping the globe, the US motorcycle riders girlfriends are like a destroyed motorcycle bag, named the reason is because when riding a motorcycle can be open with one hand. Between neutral design, unlike Shunv Bag, unique leather shall be required, car lines, metal buckles, zippers and hand-tanned leather motorcycle bag marks are important features.

B home motorcycle bag there are many styles, the two hours I spent doing homework on the distinction between these models, and a little hurt. From the size of it: namely: mini, small, medium, large, extra large, see Table: leather motorcycle bag on the subject and rock norm of 12 fasteners, there are many choices, note: looks like a large nail motorcycle bag smaller than the nail a little about your pricing.

Replica Balenciaga City Bag

Giant 12 Silver City, that is not to be skin, medium size silver rivet motorcycle bag medium, choose the color of the most wild black. The original see is Replica Balenciaga Classic City Handbags, the difference is leather tassel zipper. Official website link but the skin should be though classic, but too street style, my family elders can not accept, in order to meet a variety of occasions, so he only second best, choose to be a law-abiding, non-skin series.

After the leather tanning process, to create a soft sheepskin deliberately old, retro Vintage look. Do the old leather processing section mm may not like it, but enough retro, and super practical, super-sister type recommended for men to use longer and can not see, even if you do not accidentally scratch leather basically do not see a key ~ At the same time out, we found the leather soft and smooth, feel particularly good, soft to the touch can be “terrifying” to describe. Purses and other different, not very heavy but especially light.

Replica Balenciaga City Bag

Handmade handle, the handle portion of the reinforcement design very street range. Metal rivets, rivet and everywhere on both sides of the metal zipper, breath street pavement from motorcycle bag. This is what I care deeply about silver nails, metallic out. Detachable shoulder strap, inner lining after opening in a low-key enough, texture is also good. Although the medium size, but it feels very can hold, can be filled with a dozen newspapers. Internal zip pocket, cell phone dual compartment, as well as low-key Logo embossed leather.

This section summarizes the entire bag features: 1, soft leather, the details do the old Bang Bang, durability, though little expensive, but prolonged use absolute “value”; 2, according to need to select the appropriate size locomotive tote, No. “city” basic capacity is enough for everyday use; there color, color have many choices, I chose universal black, other color number is also good. 3, all of temperament mm are suitable for this motorcycle bag, ladies can have contrast it can enhance the degree, in addition to high-end cocktail parties and the like, feel basically be universal occasions.