Lady Dior Small Bag Black Calfskin Leather

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More and more popular mini-era, and every other classic models are not spared, but for girls who is worth looking forward to drop, how can the young light skirt less A mini Lady CD add color, super Q shape and candy-like color can not help but intoxicated, the United States was so elegant yet sweet and cute, happy not, woman wardrobe and ultimately a Diana bag, The new lady CD mini bag to add shiny double-chain replacement to add a lot of fashionable atmosphere, it is important how you want to take on how to ride

Replica Dior Handbags

Mini lady CD size: 17 * 15 * 8cm, lambskin fabric, shiny metal chain and iconic CD letter ornaments, counters released a variety of color options, above the pearl white + gold chain. Black lambskin + silver chain with CD ornaments metal models. All the things that drop a thing, the men can not settle things, maybe an elegant sweet mini bag can capture the heart, no wonder even Rihanna, Taylor Swift and other goddesses will be put it down. Black lambskin + silver chain and CD ornaments metal models, 2016 spring and summer fashion favorite sweet and sweet lady CD mini bag. Black lambskin + silver chain with CD ornaments metal models. Black lambskin + gold chain with CD ornaments metal models.

Replica Dior bag series has always been classic, and Dior bag family Lady Dior series is impressive. But with the Lady Dior more and more common, do you want to personally do not hit the replica bag totewith others? This time for everyone to send Dior 2014 autumn and winter series in the new Lady Dior, the new bag is different from the outside of the replica bag totein the outer layer of a small bag, matched with a lovely lock, nice and practical. The series has three colors, each color is very characteristic, you can freely with different types of clothing, like Variety you can try. Dior immediately this has not named the new replica bag tote, known as Lady Dior’s elegant name, as now Dior main line sales of one of the basic paragraph bag. Signed brand metal buckle, unique quilted diamond-shaped lattice, high-quality lambskin, and 95 fine craftsmanship makes Lady Dior become the world’s bag design history of the immortal legend.

Replica Dior Handbags

For the bag making process rigorous selection of materials Dior has always been very precise, according to the bag style, design direction and the choice of leather can determine whether a gorgeous bag. The choice of leather is one of the most concerned factors for most consumers, so the style of the bag will need a unique selection of leather. As one of the classic Dior, Lady dior handbag has been welcomed by many people, the dior special launch of China limited edition handbags, adding a lot of Chinese elements Oh! NetEase fashion also borrowed to do evaluation it! The above chart is our evaluation of the Chinese limited edition medium handbags. The price Well, very impressive, thirty-eight, unambiguous Cortex for calfskin. Especially joined the manual love sequins embroidery. In addition to the first paragraph of China limited edition embroidery bags, DIOR also introduced Lady Replica Dior handbags and Lady Dior Mini China Tanabe global exclusive limited, the price is also a lot of money.

Of course, in addition to Diana, now the fashion people are still very love LADY DIOR, as for the reason? Wild should be a very important point. Square is the size of the right bag, whether it is in the daily out of the street or formal occasions are very hand. Look at the figure Rihanna and ladies OLIVER wear to know friends. How can not match with the wrong. This section of China limited edition Lady Dior has a lot of manual embroidery, so the details of the most not to be missed. Not only the dream of the red heart-shaped patterns, hand embroidery is also the best handicrafts of Chinese heritage and tribute. This limited edition Lady Dior is also expressed the brand full of sincerity.

Replica Dior Handbags

Compared to the bag we tested before, Lady dior this bag is not light, probably nearly seven iphone6 weight coupled with the size of the size of the bag, you may feel so a little bit heavy. But carrying this replica bag toteyou can feel full of texture. Medium bag is actually more difficult to test the capacity, because the daily necessities into the bag weight has been simply effortlessly. The bottom length of the comparison can show a replica bag toteof tolerance. Length and fashion large print width, width of the length of iphone5. Only from the bottom of the size to know, this bag capacity will not be small. Lady Dior handbag to prevent the thief really is not a joke. Because the cortex at the opening is hard, and the zipper made all the leather side, so the zipper mouth is very small. Basically thieves want to steal something that is not possible.