Replica 3.1 Phillip Lim Go-Go Medium Knapsack Bag

I feel that this Replica 3.1 Phillip Lim Handbags should be the popular one in the small group. The visual inspection has been ruined by the major fashion bloggers, almost one person. The price is also quite cute, it can be said that the introduction of the small crowd replica bags tote. Since the brand was launched in 2014, all the way to the present, the classic explosions are also more and more, I feel that it can be fired for a long time.

I received the Pristine square box from their home. The red color is off-white and the color is quite stealthy. This Replica 3.1 Phillip Lim Bags comes in two sizes, Micro and Mini. Micro has two kinds of metal chains and belts, and the Mini is only equipped with leather shoulder straps. Personally, I feel that the Micro I bought is too small to be loaded. Want to put an Iphone plus? dream. Want to have a long wallet? Delusion.

Replica 3.1 Phillip Lim Handbags

However, people also have advantages, the leather is very good, to a certain extent comparable to the big quality. There is also a very strong sense of fashion, a one-second turn into a fashion wave. Another point is that they have a lot of colors, no matter what color you like, you can always find the right one for you.

In addition, I also planted their family’s Fernweh with a wide shoulder strap, which feels more casual than Pristine. If it is not a particularly special petite girl, I would recommend buying a mini, which is more suitable and more practical.

Replica 3.1 Phillip Lim Handbags

Mark Cross is a bag brand from the United States with a very background. (Historical stories are interested in going to your own.) This Replica 3.1 Phillip Lim Handbags I received is grace small box grass green. Personally feel that the price is lower than the other four bags. But the fact that people are small, but big names can’t be changed, and the price is higher.

There are many choices in color and leather. I bought this texture leather, and grass green is also very suitable for spring and summer back. It can be carried on the shoulder, and the individual thinks that the handcuff is more temperament than the shoulder. If you are a literary artist, or pursue retro, this bag is very recommended. He can satisfy all your needs for the retro literary style. The small box is in hand, and I feel that time has come back to the past. If the 1930s is not long enough, it is said that the trend of the last century is not inconsistent.

There is nothing wrong with the capacity, and small can already put a lot of things. And when you open the bag, you can see at a glance. No more will happen when you want to make up a makeup, you can’t find a lipstick.

Replica 3.1 Phillip Lim Handbags

There are two other models in their homes that are popular among fashion bloggers, Benchley and Laura. Interested little friends can also pay attention to these two. What I want to buy most is the color matching of their home. I can’t wait for it. I finally saw this mini Delila brown on the NAP (the color of the official website is called Savanna). It feels good to take it. Received quite a surprise, from size, leather, to the upper body are all satisfied, the capacity is also larger than Manu Atelier, is a replica bags tote with a value.

This Replica 3.1 Phillip Lim Bags comes with a chain strap and a leather shoulder strap, which is also friendly to small girls. Handcuffs, single shoulder and crossbody, one meter 63 I said no pressure. The only thing that doesn’t like the buckle of the bag is that it is a magnet, which always makes people feel lingering. I am another person in their family, Asher, I am more receptive. I can’t say it for the time being, but I don’t feel much about her.