Replica Marni Pannier Black Calf Leather Round Bucket Bag Tote

All of them show that the stars love big names. In fact, big-name stars also love niche brands. In the past two years, the trend of niche brand bags has become more and more strong, and even in fashion week, they are still in the limelight. Since so many stars love, what are the girls? Reason for refusal? It was discovered that there are so many beautiful bags Replica Marni Handbags Pannier Black Calf Leather Round Bucket Bag Tote waiting for you, your taste is more and more international! I know that many people can name many luxury brands, but it is hard to remember the names of several niche brands, but how do these bags come into your sight?

That is the star street shooting, often see these familiar bags are somewhat familiar, and sometimes they are attracted by their appearance, just want to go to search do not know what words to enter, to say that the niche brand replica bag tote is the most Frequently there is a Marni bag, and sometimes I want to search for an organ bag bucket bag, it will appear, those recently fired Replica Marni Bags.

Replica Marni Handbags

In fact, I really talk about the Marni brand. The first impression of the girls is that it is also the most famous organ bag trunk. This bag has risen rapidly in recent years and gained a high degree of attention. It also harvested the Replica Marni Handbags brand. A large number of fans. Marni’s design has always been relatively simple, with a bit of literary atmosphere, and a not too cold sex style. This style is also perfectly displayed on the Trunk bag. The design is very eye-catching, and it belongs to the more you like it, the more you look at it.

This year, the bucket bag is really a big fire. It is already a trend. There are not only many big brands of lv and Chanel, but also many niche brands of Replica Marni Bags and Manu Atelier. Many choices, small and exquisite styles, flexible and feminine! So, have you ever guessed this brand that is low-key, design, and full of literary temperament?

Replica Marni Handbags

Replica Marni Handbag is very powerful, that is, its color scheme is very exciting, I am looking forward to the new color matching of each season’s trunk organ bag! The Pannier bag is also designed from the solid color of the first season to the design of various color combinations and spelling materials. And the colors are very special, from royal blue to dark red, many colors are not common everyday colors, this color is very suitable for girls who pursue unique style.

The earliest bucket bag was designed for champagne. It was narrow and wide, and the pocket was sealed with a leather cord. It was just for champagne. Unexpectedly, this kind of bag specially designed for champagne is very successful. So many brands have very popular evergreen bucket bag designs.

Replica Marni Handbags

However, the most popular bucket bag has evolved into a more rigid and simple design. Its shape is more like a small bucket. According to different brands, there will be some special small designs, such as Replica Marni Bag. It is just a special ring handle design.

Although the Pannier is a bucket bag, it is not a traditional type of drawstring bucket bag. The opening of the bag is in the form of a snap, which is much more convenient than a traditional bucket bag.
Moreover, this button is still a shape point, open the button, the whole bag is round, relatively straight, buckled, the body has completely changed a shape, a bit like the burning wheat we eat, haha!

Replica Marni Handbags

The most distinctive feature of Pannier is its handle design. The design of the big ring is very unique. Whether it is squatting or lying on the wrist, the feeling of use is very good. It is especially recommended that you try it yourself.