Saint Laurent Monogram Large Calf Zip-Top Tote Bag

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags is a century-old brand of luggage brand. Replica Saint Laurent Handbags which is a hundred years of history of the luggage brand, with its aristocratic planning concept, to highlight the job place and identity of the source to create a new section of the new replica bag tote , with it no need to show that your Not unified to see.

Dresdner family favorite (Saint Laurent) brand was born in 1876, when its pioneer (Alphonse Saint Laurent) in Paris opened the first to (Saint Laurent) named tobacco monopoly point, that smoking plan Very emphasis on fashion modeling so that many celebrities celebrities surrender. According to legend, the music masters of the family are dressed in the curtains of St. Loren’s words, in the use of Saint-Laurent smoke spit at the same time, to create a part of the ups and downs, worried about the strange story of clusters.

Heroes at the helm of St. Loren, the end of the nineteenth century is the holy Lorraine involved in a new category, to create a new world of tension, Alphonse Saint Laurent’s wife Angele at the helm of Saint Laurent. Angela is a model representative of the female. She often wear men’s clothing, dangling cigarette holder from the company’s various rallies, giving a woman not let men feel. Replica Saint Laurent Bags Monogram Large Calf Zip-Top Tote Bag Red Her image is like a long time to follow suit, become a fashion scene. This temporary period, Angele decided to focus on the development of the brand of Saint Laurent gradually transferred to the women’s supplies, trying to female luxury category in a skill.

In 1901, the second generation of the head of Saint-Laurent, Albert’s office, accelerated the rate of transfer of Saint-Laurent to female products. Its products to focus on the development of women’s leather wallet and handbag, and confession scenes meet in the casino, racecourse, hotels, restaurants, smiling, portable Lilan Randi bag, topless umbrella of the Hollywood stars one by one now Now, to create a new image of Saint Laurent. Shoulder bag is a woman’s closest partner, a suitable shoulder bag can add a lot of charm for the whole. Many girls like the back of the St. Roland shoulder bag, with the trend of how to make these changes have been our favorite clothes and St. Roland shoulder bag is not fashionable out, but it is a lot of girls distressing things. Our today and we discuss with you how to match our Replica Saint Laurent shoulder bag, fashion is the most important secret.

Replica¬†bags YSL bags this year is particularly popular, attract MM are concerned about the star models YSL bag styles are many, such as lightweight YSL envelope chain replica bag tote , YSL logo chain hand bag, Monogram YSL bag style, fashionable style, like YSL bag star supermodel countless, such as Gigi Hadid, anglebaby, Cara Delevingne , Jessica Alba and other stars are loyal owners, the next note you will be difficult to resist, there are pictures of the truth, and now with beautiful bags to see, 2016 star street shooting the highest YSL Fashionable tide replica bag tote . Minimalist design, “big woman” gas field super strong. To tell Saint Laurent Sac DeJour handbag “true love powder”, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s name must be in front, last year, her favorite or a gray Saint Laurent Duffle handbag, this year is the only Saint Laurent Sac De Jour black handbag The Rosie girl frequently take it out of the street, especially when the airport debut, for the need to fly around the work of the supermodel, such a simple design, strong gas field, easy to mix and practical handbags, it is And then appropriate.

In addition to the black Sac De Jour, the red version is also very popular with stars like, bright and full of color for the overall shape is very important, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff are positive Red version, Lily Aldridge is to tell you how to use a touch of light to black and white with extraordinary.

Large of the Sac DeJour handbags for Rosie, Lily such supermodel body, the control up effortlessly, if you are petite type, worried that their own hold big bag, may wish to look at the same small son of the Swiss The Reese Wither spoon’s demonstration, mini-version of the Saint Laurent Nano Sac De Jour bag, with a small girl just right. Betty chic shape is its biggest scoring point, clamshell “corner” design different, slender chain elegant and elegant, both as a messenger bag to use, you can also lift the chain, in the hands of the clutch, regardless of During the day and night, Betty is a great partner if you go shopping or attend formal events.