Replica Saint Laurent Metal logo cow leather tote crossbody bag

The new Replica Saint Laurent Handbags SOLFERINO bag is named after RUE DE SOLFERINO on the left bank of Paris. This street is located near the symbolic YSL studio 24 RUE DE L’UNIVERSITé.

The key autumn and winter bag, SOLFERINO, is engraved with a retro look in the 70s, and demonstrates the Parisian style and French elegance, classic and simple. The edge of the bag is highlighted with padded leather to make the whole look more three-dimensional, and focus on every detail of the bag, especially the design of the rotating lock is exquisite and ingenious. To disassemble the YSL LOGO, just move the L letter down Nudge.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The LOGO letters on the bag cover will pop out of the lock, and the rotating opening and closing action adds fun to the opening of the bag. The bag has a main compartment and two small compartments at the front and back, and the storage space is spacious. The overall design details use a shortened leather strap, which is more modern and suitable for Asian women. It can be easily worn on the shoulders and fits down on the waist.

This new bag is made of specially noble and smooth Replica Saint Laurent Bag BOX calf leather. It is available in a variety of colors, including red, black, beige, etc. The harmonious colors are easy to match.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Another change uses a soft suede leather design. The outline of the bag is softer. The velvet is matched with a smooth leather edge. Black and khaki colors are available to create a more relaxed and casual posture.

Although Replica Saint Laurent Handbag most gold-absorbing item may not be handbags, a few classic bags are still very resistant to hits. The versatile and resistant NIKI, the outdated bag-type SOLFERINO BOX, and the elegant KATE.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

This year’s Replica Saint Laurent Bag finally launched a brand-new design handbag MAILLON, this handbag still takes the retro classic route. The design of the latest MAILLON handbag is still very simple and capable. The bag shape is the classic square tofu bag shape. Although this bag is not the most characteristic, it is indeed the least likely to be out of date.

In order to increase the capacity of the bag and facilitate storage, the MAILLON handbag is designed with two interlayers. From the side, the bag is a very special organ pleat design. The most special design of this new handbag is the metal lock on the bag flap. This lock is like a two-link chain. This bronze-colored metal chain makes the originally uncharacteristic bag immediately retro.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The MAILLON handbag has no obvious brand logo. Compared with other Replica Saint Laurent Handbag, this handbag is very low-key. The new model has a total of 6 colors. You can start with your usual matching style.